Eco Friendly Pool Design Ideas

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Eco Friendly Pool Design IdeasEco pools have become a popular lifestyle trend. These natural pools not only benefit your own health, but that of the eco system as well as your finances since it’s the most cost-effective method and it immediately increases your property value. Take a look at these beautiful natural pool designs:

We live in a time of an over populated earth, the African continent being the one with the largest growth rate in the world. Earth’s natural resources and habitats are slowly being suffocated and therefore people are trying to live a more holistic or ‘greener’ lifestyle to try to save what we have left as well as improving the quality of their health, naturally. Eco swimming pools have thus become one of the most effective methods that people are using to restore the natural balance and also to decrease their exposure to harmful chemicals, such as chlorine, found in modern-day swimming pools.

As a home owner, when you think ‘swimming pool’, what is the first concern that pops up in your head? The cost to build it? The cost to maintain it? Finding the

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Finding The Best Shed For A Yard

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Finding The Best Shed For A YardThe garage is usually where people keep the things they need for their home like extra food, the vehicles, the washer and dryer, and even lawn tools like the lawnmower, weed whacker, and even fertilizer. However, eventually, if people do not keep things organized, or they buy too much stuff, they will run out of room in that garage. However, some people may find room if they do through everything that is in the garage, but sometimes even then not much space is cleared out. What is a homeowner to do if the clean garage still has no space for anything else? Sheds can help that homeowner find the space they need by placing a small building in their backyard.

Tips on Choosing a Reliable Shed

Choosing sheds is not as easy as people think because a shed is more than just a small building in the backyard, it actually serves a purpose. People do not have a lot of money to spend, and they are not about to waste it on a shed that is not going to do what it

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How to Arrange Garage Space

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How to Arrange Garage SpaceThe garage is a second home practically for every man, being both his working cabinet and personal space where women are not allowed to pass. Some treat space planning not seriously, and it leads to bigger problems. But men who approach arrangement of garage space smartly have an additional mini-house where a lot of things can be done and a bunch of stuff may be stored. Here are some recommendations about how to organize space in your garage, making it ergonomic.

Main requirements

First and foremost, your garage must be properly protected against humidity and bad weather conditions (snow, rain, strong wind, storms, etc).

Secondly, you should think about storage places distribution beforehand. Mind that shelves must be at the distance at least one meter from the car. Think over about where and what you will keep, trying to make everything convenient for yourself.

Thirdly, organization of a working bench and an inspection pit may become a good idea, if you need them, of course.

Make more shelves

To economize space, hang as many shelves as possible, or make them

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Fiberglass Or Concrete Swimming Pools

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The decision to install a swimming pool includes a look at the features associated with fiberglass and gunite. Each of these modern materials includes its own set of benefits and limitations with the choice coming down to preference. Once you are knowledgeable of the properties each of these can provide, it will make the selection easier.

Installation is simpler and more efficient with fiberglass swimming pools as the shells are pre-manufactured allowing for ease of placement. Concrete or gunite pools must be constructed on-site including longer project completion. The period of time taken to develop functional pools is further determined by the size and the shape that are required.

Depth will need to be determined as fiberglass is suitable for homes that desire smaller and modest pools offering a quick splash or to relaxing lounge experience. Concrete will offer greater versatility and can be constructed with significant depth and width. The decision will be influenced by the budget and the style of structure that is preferred.

Texture associated with fiberglass pools includes a smooth and slippery feel that will not contribute to discomfort, but makes grip difficult when jumping from steps and pool floors. Gunite

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New Yard Tool Needed To Help Move Small Amounts of Water Around

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Water is a precious commodity even when it is raining and pouring outside. Tell me this, have you ever had to add water to your pool because evaporation had taken too much out? You are not alone, and it is amazing how much water evaporates over time even out of something as small as a Jacuzzi. Still, it is amazing how much water we inadvertently waste, water we shouldn’t be wasting at all. For instance, consider how much water comes off your home when it rains, or how much water you expend doing something simple like washing one of your cars.

I’d like to propose a new yard tool, one which would help move water quite easily from one place to another inside of a hose. The system could be placed between two hoses in a “T” formation. At the “T” would be a handle with a pump. This would cause the water to suck forward from one hose to the other. If you had a 55 gallon drum set on the ground below the down spout of your rain gutter on the side of your home, then you could put one hose into the barrel and

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Dos and Donts to Consider When Landscaping Around Your Pool

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A sophisticated pool design, elegant tiles and decking and a multitude of fascinating water features together can sure lighten up your exterior space. However, a well-maintained landscape is what completes any swimming pool area and is the perfect complement to your home.

Not only does landscaping instantly transform an outdoor area but it can turn any run-of-the-mill pool into the most vibrant feature of your home. But, it’s not as easy to pull off a landscaping project as it seems.

To help you take a well-planned approach to landscaping your pool and reap the best, we have gathered a few do and don’t tips you must take into account.

Do have a plan

As we said above, landscaping a pool is much more than placing a few plants hither and thither. Before you start off, spend some time in your yard and around pool and see what’s all needed and what can be afforded within your budget. From the kind of fencing to install, plants to grow to your existing pool design and structure, consider everything that can affect the aesthetics of your pool area.

Do add privacy

You don’t want your

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How To Maintain Your Home Solar Pool Heating System

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A solar pool heating system heats your home’s swimming pool using the sun’s free energy. A solar heater is an essential addition to your home if you hail from an area that gets even a bit chilly during the winter months. These products will keep the temperature of the pool water comfortable throughout the year and ensure that you get the most out of your solar pool. Made of the controller, pump, filter and PVC pipes, solar pool heating systems are durable and require very little maintenance. However, if there is a breakdown, here are some maintenance tips to ensure optimum performance.

Try a Few Easy Fixes before Calling a Technician

If your pool heater stops functioning, you may want to check the system yourself before calling a technician. What should you do if the device is not lighting at all? Start by examining the switch and the gas valve. If both of these components are in an up and running condition, check whether the supply valves are open. Closed filter or plumbing valves may result in the malfunctioning of your pool heater. It is also important to inspect the filter. If you find that the

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Tips for Keeping Your Hot Tub Clean

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If you are thinking of investing in a hot tub for your home or business premises, you may or may not be aware that it is important to maintain a good cleaning and maintenance schedule so that your new equipment remains hygienic. This involves taking a number of steps on a regular basis to ensure the cleanliness of the hot tub and therefore the enjoyment of its users.

There are several key actions that need to be taken, notably changing the water of your tub regularly, ensuring a healthy balance of chemicals in your water, and cleaning various components of your tub. Here are a few guidelines to follow with these aims in mind.

If you have just bought a hot tub or are thinking of buying one, you will first need to buy a hot tub chemical starter kit to ensure that the water is kept clean over extended periods of time. The role of these chemicals is to sanitise your water, stopping bacteria and germs from proliferating in the tub.

There are several different sanitizers available, depending on what is available in your local area or what you can find online. These include:

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Safety Tips for Using Hot Tubs

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Hot tubs provide enjoyable relaxation for people who use them. Kicking back in the water can be enjoyable, but safety is an important consideration. Some people are especially vulnerable to illness from the heat, depending on their age and any other health issues present.


Anyone using hot tubs must follow basic rules of use to ensure the safety of everyone. Failure to follow these guidelines could lead to contamination.

– Take a shower prior to entering the unit.

– Do not venture into the unit during times of gastrointestinal illness.

– Never allow the water to enter the mouth, and do not swallow it.

– Watch alcohol consumption while using a hot tub. The combination of alcohol use and the hot water can lead to excessive dehydration. If this occurs, a person might become lightheaded, dizzy, or nauseous. Both alcohol and the hot water also prime the body for heat exhaustion because they expand blood vessels. Any of these situations could cause someone to lose consciousness and slip beneath the surface of the unit.

– Follow posted guidelines about time limits and the number of users allowed at one time.

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Essentials for Automatic Garden Irrigation Systems A Brief Insight

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What is it about gardens that makes them so admirable? Greenery, serenity, and Freedom from the concrete jungles. There are several things that are important for the gardens when it comes to making the best systems for automatic irrigation. For instance, there has to be the spotlight of relevance on efficiency. The landscape gardening and irrigation in several regions have seen a sudden boost in the past few years, and it is for this reason that the use of the machinery has increased as well. Here, we will have a brief rundown of certain aspects that are seldom talked about in this industry.

Garden Irrigation Systems: the Essentials

There are certain essentials that need to be covered when it comes to irrigation systems. The first and most important feature is obviously the area that they cover. Use of sprinklers can minimise the wastage of water in the area and still cover more area of the lawn. Another thing which is important is that one should not overdo it when it comes to the complexities involved in the system. The simpler the system, the easier it will be for you to manage it in the long run.

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Where Did I Put My Gardening Gloves

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Ah Spring! That time of year when all of the amateur gardeners, weekend warriors and otherwise outdoorsy fix it types venture outside to conquer the great outdoors.

“Roll out the lawn furniture Ethel; we’re going to have a barbecue!” Except…

Where, exactly did we put the lawn furniture, gloves, tools, charcoal starter, barbecue, lawn mower… ?

That’s the trouble with all this outdoor activity stuff – unless you want to buy everything all over again, you need to have stored it properly and actually remember where you put it!

Whether you were organizational royalty last fall, or you just stashed and dashed, there are still some things you need to do to maintain those items you only use when the weather is nice.

Here are some helpful tips for your outdoor “stuff.”

Patio Furniture

Sun, rain, outdoor pools, and lotions can all cause havoc on your outdoor furnishings. The good news is that you have options. Finding replacement parts (glides, springs, etc) is usually an easy task at the local hardware store. Even the slings can be replaced with kits you can find online.

If properly stored, furniture pads can

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Finding Outdoor Power Equipment Distributors

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If you work outside a good deal and have a need for outdoor power equipment, like chainsaws, clippers, edgers, mowers, and tractors, you need to be able to find a dependable distributor who you can trust when you need new equipment, replacement parts, or repairs to your existing equipment.

Most places have a few choices when it comes to outdoor power equipment distributors, but it can sometimes be difficult to find the right distributor for you and your needs. For example, if you prefer to work with STIHL or John Deere equipment, you’ll need to find distributors for those brands. How can you do this without running all over town?

Go to the Source

First of all, if you have a preferred brand, go online to that brand’s website. Somewhere in the navigation of the front page, there should be a “Distributor Locator”, “Dealer Locator”, or “Find a Distributor” button. When you click on that button, you’ll either be directed to enter your zip code or city, or you’ll be taken directly to a list of all of the distributors for that brand.

If you’re set on purchasing and working with that brand because

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How To Choose The Right Pump To Go With Your Rainwater Tank

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In this article, I’d like to share with you the key considerations to keep in mind when selecting the best pump for your needs.


First and foremost, the pump you select must be able to comfortably deliver your rainwater from your tank to all of the outlets required, providing the water pressure that you find satisfactory.

Key questions to consider include:

• How many outlets (eg, taps, hoses, sprinklers, washing machines, toilet cisterns and the like) will the pump be required to service?
• How many of the outlets could be operating simultaneously?
• What is the furthest distance from the rainwater tank/pump that the water needs to be pumped to, and is there an incline or decline involved?
• Are there any outlets that require a higher than average amount of water pressure in order to operate effectively (e.g. pop-up sprinklers)?
• Is the noise generated by the pump a concern? For example, will the pump be located close to a bedroom window (yours or perhaps your neighbour’s)?

Ideally, your pump supplier should be guiding you through questions such as the above, assessing your needs thoroughly, before presenting you with suitable

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How to Store Your Winter Clothes Away

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Summer is just around the corner which means that it’s time to pack away the jumpers and bring out the shorts and t-shirts. Most of us are very happy to pack away our winter wardrobes but if you want to ensure that your clothes still look great after being stored away for months at a time, here are some handy tips.

Wash everything

It may not seem logical to wash something you’re going to pack away for a few months but it’s actually very important to do this if you want to preserve your clothes. Particles of dirt, food and perspiration can all lead to staining if left for a long period of time and might be difficult or even impossible to get out. Dirty clothes are also more likely to attract insects that could cause damage.

Use plastic containers

The best way to store your clothing is in plastic containers. They will keep your clothes dry, protected and free from mould and mildew. Avoid using plastic bags because they trap moisture and cause mould and cardboard boxes won’t protect against vermin.

Temperature control

The best storage conditions for your clothes are

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Finding the Right Watering System: Drip Irrigation or Sprinklers

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Planters, gardeners, landscapers, and farmers may have divergent job duties, but each environment requires a singular factor: irrigation. No matter if a sprinkler, drip watering, or an older method is employed, irrigation must supply the precise amount of water – less to some plants and more to others – for proper nourishment, a good crop, or a beautiful lawn. Although setting up and maintaining such a system is time consuming, it’s essential to the task.

Out of all options, sprinklers and drip irrigation are both popular in the present. The latter is ideal for plants, flower beds, vegetable gardens, trees, or ornamentals, as a smaller but focused amount of water is aimed at the root system. Also called “trickle irrigation,” this system allows water to go further down into the soil.

Considered an in-ground system, drip irrigation spreads out water through a network of sprinklers, which are attached to risers connected to pipes going through the surface of the lawn. A drip system, with water piped from emitters to target plants’ roots, may additionally be added. Considered more cost-effective and convenient, drip irrigation is more precise, offers a better balance of water and air at the

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Tips to Ensure a Secure Storage Facility

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It’s pretty rare to find a home with an empty bedroom or unused closet. If you’re like most people, you’ve likely accumulated more items than can easily fit in your home. You may have inherited art or furniture that you plan to use in the future, a classic car in need of work, or boxes of clothes you’re hoping will come back into style. If you run out of storage space in your home, your best option is to rent a space in a secure storage facility. This will not only reduce the clutter in your home, but it will also ensure the safety of your items. Here are four tips to help you pick out a proper facility.

Climate Control

When picking out a facility, it is important to find one that offers climate-controlled units. Without climate control, your belongings will be more prone to rust, mold, and rot. A properly cooled and heated facility will ensure that your property will stay safe, no matter the weather.

Updated Security

While many facilities offer locks on the unit doors, you should consider a secure facility with the latest security measures. Cylinder locks are a

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Maintenance Tips For Above Ground Saltwater Pools

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Swimming pools are popular additions for many homes and the option of above ground structures, makes it more affordable for all to enjoy cooling off and relaxing in the heat of summer. Saltwater pool designs may not use harsh chemicals, but do require regular maintenance for healthy swimming conditions. The following tips can assist in managing a stable and balanced saltwater pool.

Saltwater in pools is highly sought after offering low cost maintenance and softer water parameters. Management may be less in comparison to traditional chlorine, but must be performed on a scheduled basis. Chemically laden pools need continuous monitoring and balancing on a daily basis in comparison to the weekly efforts required for salt generators.

A saltwater design requires tests for chlorine and pH levels that may be adjusted with the relevant products. Ensuring that the generator is working properly can minimize the need to constantly adjust parameters to produce stable conditions. Assess all filtration and maintenance systems to keep the water clean and conducive for swimming throughout the year.

A test to examine the salt, calcium and alkalinity of the pool will need to be completed once a month. The ideal levels must

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Preparing Your Snowblower for Winter

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Compared to shoveling, snowblowers offer a much faster and easier method of snow removal that saves time as well as strain on your back. Once a snowblower is put into gear, the auger, located at the bottom of the machine, will suck snow up and into a chute. The direction of the chute can be manually controlled, thereby allowing the user to choose where the discharged snow is directed. Having a quality snowblower, such as an Ariens, Toro, or Craftsman, can give you many winters of superior snow removal if you take the time and effort to keep your machine in good running order.

After sitting around in the garage or shed all spring, summer, and fall, when it comes time for you to pull out your snowblower for the first time during winter, you might find that you have difficulty starting it. This is especially true in cases where your area didn’t receive much snow last winter and therefore, the snowblower was not used very often. This is why preparations should be made in advance to make sure that your snowblower is up and running when you need it to be. Make sure to check out

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Pool Safety Found In Aluminum Fencing Installation

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There is nothing like a great looking fence to set off a piece of property and make it look like a million bucks. High quality fencing just simply provides so many benefits, it is a mystery why more people don’t make the investment. In the industry of fencing, the most functional and maintenance free types of fencing are aluminum. This may be arguable, but it would be a debate worth having as aluminum has so many advantages.

First of all it looks good and it does so for a long, long time. Aluminum comes in a variety of finishes, so it’s not a one trick pony, but rather limitless in its possibilities. Aluminum that is infused with its color and finish is literally free of both maintenance and rust – you don’t have to paint it, or treat it, or replace it. Those qualities right there are enough for most people to capitulate and go aluminum.

Making a statement with a beautiful aluminum fence is easy, too. That imposing stretch of closely set aluminum bars says something and someone of substance is on the property it is surrounding. They value themselves and their families and the

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Keeping Open Water Inaccessible To Children And Others

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People and businesses who own swimming pools are expected to cordon off the area for a number of reasons. The primary focus for such expectations centers on keeping children safe from accidental drowning. However, other trespassers who are not authorized to be on the premises also may need to be kept away from the water. When you want to avoid an accident and keep your swimming area safe and accessible to those who are permitted to use it, you may find it best to put up a barrier around it. You can check out your options for doing so by exploring the choices online.

The Benefits of Fences

Many home and business owners are less than eager to put up fences around their properties. They think that it makes them look hostile to others in the area and also that they are turning their backs on their neighbors. They may like the idea of keeping their properties open and accessible.

However, laws in your area may prohibit you from allowing easy access to an open body of water. If a child wandered into the swimming area and drowned, for example, the legal authorities in your

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